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Chi Gathering

Summer Retreat 2024

A Residential Retreat
With Clive Tempest
Labbnäs, Kimito, Finland
30 June – 4 July 2024

In chigung we work with the ‘70% rule’, to which I was introduced by Bruce Frantzis. The idea is to hold back the effort of doing taichi movements to 70%, allowing space for chi to gather in the body. In living more consciously, it’s similar; we’re not trying to achieve more than can actually be done at any one time. To make a start, it’s enough to hold back our psychological life to 70% of ourselves. But then let’s switch that around and leave 70% free space inside of us. That makes a huge difference. Then we’re really living consciously. The space in us is where we’re most in contact with life. So we become 70% life and the remaining 30% is our struggle with existence.

Life is not existence. Life just happens, as it must. Existence is the struggle to go on. While we struggle to get on in life, the life in us gets on with living.

Life is the cosmic energy that is making everything happen, instantly, swiftly, promoting constant change. Existence is where everything goes on going on and change is slow and creeping. Existence is yesterday and tomorrow. Life is now.  Or more cosmically, existence takes time and life gives time. 

Everything I do my best to impart, in so many ways, is about switching our perception from existence to life; so that it becomes possible to live more and more consciously in contact with life happening now, while being much less affected by the tension of all the ‘goings on’.

We are held in existence by tension, one way or another. In living consciously the tension is only a problem when we make it troublesome - as in thinking about life as a problem. That’s our error, because life is not the problem. Never was or shall be. Existence is where we make problems; where tension turns into the struggle to go on existing. We translate the struggle into problems and in that way make our lives problematic. But in life there are no problems. If you love life, if you’re in love, where’s the problem? Love makes the struggle worthwhile.

This work is about walking the line between existence and life. It’s about drawing on life to sustain us in the ongoing struggle of living. It’s about increasing the span of consciousness. It’s about bringing love to life.

So, on we go!

Lawns and trees at Labbnas


Our regular venue in Finland is the delightful Labbnäs Semesterhem on the island of Kimito in a Swedish-speaking region of South-West Finland. Set in its own estate, leading down to a lake, Labbnäs is a nineteenth century villa with a large wooden barn and sauna buildings on the shore. It’s about two and a half hours’ drive from Helsinki and a hour south of Turku. There are buses that will get you there. For more information go to the Labbnäs website available in Swedish, Finnish and English.


Arrival & Departure:  Arrive on Sunday 30 June in time for lunch at 13.00. The first talk will be on Sunday afternoon. Then we continue until 16.00 on Thursday 4 July. There is an option to arrive a day earlier for those who would like to settle in and enjoy Labbnäs. In this case arrive after 15.00 on Saturday.

Cost:  Course fee and cost of rooms and meals to be announced.

Booking: Booking is not yet open. The course fee is payable when you reserve your place. The cost of your accommodation is payable to Labbnäs a week or so before you arrive. After booking opens you must reserve your room (single/shared) and supply any dietary requirements etc to Iina Pennanen email:

Cancellation Policy If the event is cancelled a full refund of the course fee will be made. If you cancel your booking before 1 June there will be a partial refund. If you cancel thereafter there will be no refund. Please arrange personal insurance in case you have to cancel your booking/travel arrangements.