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Chi Gathering

Late Summer Retreat 2022

A Four-day Residential Retreat
With Clive Tempest
Labbnäs, Kimito, Finland
18 – 21 August 2022

The annual visit to the Labbnäs Semesterhem will take place in the third week of August this year. Being at Labbnäs we can get close to Nature - there's the lake, the wind in the trees, the breeze in the reed beds, the sunshine and the rain. The presence of Nature is the companion of our own natural presence and is our helper as we strip out the conditioning we've inherited from the past. Everyone has love for the natural world, regardless of their busy lives. But can we live and love in our own presence, despite what's going on? Our purpose is to purify that presence. Then into our lives may come mercy, gratitude and grace. In the chigung work we will focus on the three essential dynamics of movement found in all forms of taichi - because they draw us towards our pure presence. Then it has to be made conscious through recognising what life is, in all its forms and in the formless. So there will be movement, talks and dialogues, and spells of sitting still in silence.


Our regular venue in Finland is the delightful Labbnäs Semesterhem on the island of Kimito in a Swedish-speaking region of South-West Finland. Set in its own estate, leading down to a lake, Labbnäs is a nineteenth century villa with a large wooden barn and sauna buildings on the shore. It’s about two and a half hours’ drive from Helsinki and a hour south of Turku. There are buses that will get you there. For more information go to the Labbnäs website available in Swedish, Finnish and English.


Cost:  Course fee €275. Rooms and meals per person €330 (single) €285 (sharing a room). If you prefer to pay the course fee in another currency please email us.

Booking: The course fee is payable when you book your place. The cost of your accommodation is payable to Labbnas. To reserve your room, write to Iina Pennanen with your requirements (single/shared: special diets etc) email:

Arrival & Departure:  Arrival for lunch 13.00 on Thursday 18 August. Departure after tea 16.00 Sunday 21 August. It’s important to attend for the whole event.

Cancellation Policy If the event is cancelled a full refund of the course fee will be made. If you cancel your booking before 1 August there will be a refund of €175. If you cancel thereafter there will be no refund. Please arrange personal insurance in case you have to cancel your booking/travel arrangements.

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