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Time for Change: Contents

‘Time for Change’ is an audio programme recorded over 12 days during three separate events – a weekend workshop and two residential retreats with Clive Tempest. The programme reproduces these events in three parts:  ‘No Going Back’, ‘The Coming of the New’ and ‘The Value of Your Life’.

There are fifty episodes in all. In the first episode you’re introduced to the way Clive Tempest works with you and he speaks about the value and purpose of listening to this programme.

A brief summary of the contents of each episode is provided below as a guide in following the programme – also available for you to print and save. And there’s a gallery of photos for each of the events.

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Clive Tempest

The Programme

Episode 1: Introduction
What must change / Structure of the programme / How to make best use of it / How I work / The change from being psychological to living more consciously / The value of chigung practice as the embodiment of certain principles / Changing the brain / Disruption and disturbance / How to handle psychological and psychophysical reactions / Listening without monitoring / There’s no going back. (48 mins)

Part One: No Going Back

Part One
No Going Back

Recorded at a workshop over three days at The Culture Church, Pitsku, Helsinki, Finland. 25-27 November 2016

Day One

Facing the crisis of the Psychological Life in society and in you / The difference between advancing and progressing / The post-truth world / Our civilisation in crisis / The emergence of the True Individual from the Psychological Self / The seeds of the new / What the situation requires. (56 mins)

Three ways of managing your transition from a psychological to a more conscious life / The art of listening / Seeing space / Monitoring the monitor / The difference between progress and evolution / The principle of advancing by retreating / The change wrought by truth, by love and by death. (47 mins)

Questions from the audience / Exercises to stop thinking / It’s an existence of beauty and violence. (65 mins)

Day Two

Introduction to Day Two / Standing Posture – I / The Primary Conscious Connection / Chigung and change / The monitor in the brain / The difference between thinking about something and making it conscious / Living consciously in one state of being. (42 mins)

Living consciously is improvisation / Making the monitor in the brain more conscious / Decoupling your intelligence from the monitor / Monitoring the monitor / The trap of ‘the spiritual life’ / Remedies and wellbeing / How not to make problems out of difficulties. (54 mins)

The struggle between order and chaos / The absence of a future / Solar Intelligence and the Earth Body / The Diamond Point of consciousness / Harnessing the power of chaos / The new comes through a crack in the old / Your contribution to love. (60 mins)

Day Three

Chigung practice / Standing posture II / Thinking / Not thinking / The purpose of imagination / Reviewing the Psychological Life / Three chigung practices and their application in daily living: Going vertical – advancing by retreating – sinking your chi / Three strategies to stop thinking: Monitoring your thinking for cause and effect – seeing space – listening with the body. (36 mins)

The collapse of the current paradigm / Passing through hell / What is the value of thinking? / What is the use of the intellect? / Your connection to intelligence / Gnosis. (49 mins)

The circle of reactions that block change / Holding on to ‘the good old days’ / The familiar security of ‘the family business’ / Everyone’s self-centredness / Confronting the trinity of truth, love, and death / Love is unthinkable / Seeing space – in practice / What perception is. (52 mins)

The search for peace is delusion / Progress / No turning back / Non-duality / Our evolution in sight and sound / The energy of the ocean / The fluidity of consciousness / Listening with the body / The coming of the new. (42 mins)

Part Two: The Coming of the New

Part Two
The Coming of the New

Recorded at a residential retreat over five days at Dunford House, Sussex, England.
22-26 April 2017

Day One

Introduction to the retreat / Dunford House / Returning to nature / Conscious connection to the Earth / The past without its history / What I am in every body / Becoming conscious in the psyche / Wave motion in chi gung / Gravitational fields / Spaciousness / Intelligence and space / Your contribution to the evolution of consciousness. (56 mins)

Waves of motion in chigung movement / The kwa / The place and the ground / Energy in the head / The train of thought and getting off at the station / Having an empty head / Managing the tides of chi / What the situation requires / Presence, earth-time, the past and the timeless. (35 mins)

The principles of expansion and contraction / Presence, life and death / Release from karma / Times for giving, times for receiving / What stress is / The self-centred antithesis / The dream of impossible futures / Fulfilment and purpose. (44 mins)

Concentration, trying hard, desiring results / Appropriate action / Staying aligned to change / Gravitational waves, fluctuations in the field of chi / Staying aligned with what’s changing. (15 mins)

Day Two

The morning chigung practice / Wave-shaped motion / Signalling what I am to the brain / One body, one action / Where I am / When I am / The doodling mind / No mind / No self / Selfishness / Self-interest / Corruption in our civilisation / Justice and harmony. (62 mins)

To be self-centred is not what I am / While the monitor in the brain compares, it is not listening / Digestion of experience / Assimilation of knowledge / The Buddhist way / Enlightenment / The Christ /The Second Coming / Spacetime / I come and I go / The coin of self-centredness / The value of being what I am in the body in the situation as it is here now. (48 mins)

Landscape, sense of place, the earth / The bigger picture / The scientist in our brains / Knowledge of the irrational / The end of doubt is the end of belief / The collapse of time into spacetime. (37 mins)

What the psyche is / The irrational / Psychic communication / Gravitational fields and wave-like motion / The psyche and love / Impending mutation of our species / Our fall from grace. (32 mins)
The relevance of chigung practice / The pull of the psyche / The Mirror Effect / The pull to the past / The need to get attention / The need to get acknowledgement / Purification of the psyche / Real love. (16 mins)

Day Three

Introduction to Day Three / Chigung practice notes / Tension and relaxation / The circle and the ring / Sacred space / The tree / Sitting meditation / Nothing more than this / Spaciousness / Discard the ‘shoulds’ / How weakness becomes strength / It all comes together in being what I am here now / Being in silence. (40 mins)

Nothing, emptiness, black holes / Why we can’t resist the pull of the psyche / Accommodating change / The plasma of real love / Unified fields / The coming of the new. (30 mins)

What is the difference between the psyche and the field of chi? / How can we face global unrest and possibly catastrophic change? / The tides in the psyche / Stand your ground / Catching the wave of change / I am Change.(26 mins)

Working with the chi of trees / The Five-Point Posture / The power of the presence of place / Rooting / Radiance and the intelligence in light / Our connection to earth energy / How consciousness increases. (58 mins)

Taking positions / Education and instruction – I am not a teacher / Mindfulness and no mind / To drop anxiety, quit thinking / How consciousness evolves / The time it takes to change / The Ripple Effect / Corrupted teachings of truth / The principle of the thing / Real love / Love in evolution / The battlefield at home / Disgrace / The Second Coming / The number five / A Finnish Song. (65 mins)

Day Four

Summary of the chigung practices and their principles / The conscious connection to nature / The claiming of the place by being in the space / What it means to be here now / The ‘formula’ for being what I am / Standing your ground against the pull of the psyche / The Bright and the Black / Access to Gnosis / The mystic realisation of being what I am here. (29 mins)

Your transition to the new that is coming / Transcending self-centredness / It can only happen ‘here’ / Using ‘the formula’ / The New / The new is not known until it is no longer new / Enchanting the land / The Listening Body / Questions and answers / The difference between relevance and significance / The new is not the future / Infinity and the deep old / The mark of the cross / Ritual acts and mythic symbols (Finnish reindeer story) / The truth of the old / Death and immortality / The word ‘fate’ / Right action. (52 mins)

Friends in truth / Social compromises / Do what’s right for you / Making ourselves special / Reservations and dread / Our psychological profiles / Right and wrong / Right alignment / Real justice / Right – right now. (31 mins)

What does it mean to be true to the situation? / The female-male polarity in relationships / Doubt and self-importance / Female power and male drives / The partnership of True Individuals / Doing what is right for you / Learning to trust the irrational / The right use of the intellect. (36 mins)

Day Five

Notes on an excursion into the landscape and the past / The end of the story / Living in the situation as it is, here, now / Everything happens to fulfil a purpose / Unseating our ‘shoulds’ / As I am is how it is. (38mins)

A question about love in a demanding relationship / The sacrifices made for love / Where is the self-interest in love? / The relationship is not the love / Familiar love and real love / How is it that love comes and goes? / Do you love enough? / How much is enough? / What real love loves most. (22 mins)

‘How do things work out right?’ / ‘As a woman, what must I do to connect to my personal power?’ / ‘What is virtue?’ / Realisations and insights / The many become one / I in everyone am the one centre of it all / Everything has its value / I am my ground and that is not mystifying. (56 mins)

Part Three: The Value of Life

Part Three
The Value of Life

Recorded at a residential retreat over four days at The Labbnas Seminar Centre, Kimito Island, Finland. 30 June-3 July 2017

Day One

Setting the scene / Acknowledgment and gratitude / What do you value? / The balance of outputs and inputs / Why less is more. (35 mins)

Chigung practice for this retreat / Standing against the pull of the psyche / The interest in ourselves / Action and intention / The three ‘formations’ of the universe. (27 mins)

Questions / The bigger the picture, the finer the truth / Effortlessness / Conflict / Change and cosmic convulsion / Acting on the situation as it is. (23mins)

Introduction / The basic chigung posture / Being what I am in the body / Chi breathing – Upper Burner. (48 mins)
Unification of intention and action / Breathing consciously / Trigram: Wind energy / Discharging stress. (33 mins)
Emotional reactions and manipulations / Blame / Responsibility / Bullies / Worthy opponents / Waving the stick / The vile in the human condition / Not playing the game. (51 mins)
Qualities of value / Virtue / Passion and compassion / Getting lost on the way / When you think you’re going mad / Sauna. (23 mins)

Day Two

Introduction to Day Two / Integration of the physical and the psychic / Merging action and intention in chigung / Melding purpose and passion / Sex and love / Self-centredness / Psychic pulls / What you value about yourself / The last redoubt of the psychological life / Self-reference / Value and interest / The need for more. (41 mins)

The interest in ourselves / Our attitudes / Self-love / Love’s value / Self-doubt / The angles of attitude / The facts of the situation / The common good / Finding the exit. (47 mins)

Sitting listening to space / No thing in nothing / Making being happen / How things work out / Intelligence of space / The implicit and the explicit future / Reincarnation / Destiny / Recurrence / The Guiding Intelligence / The belief in the future / Pressure. (53 mins)

Day Three

Introduction to Day Three / Discombobulation / Family life / Getting control / Timely action / Keeping it simple / Creative lives / Standing firm / Knowing your value / The validation of love. (45 mins)

How to break through any blockage / Blocking the advance / Cleverness and cunning / Inner demons and mischief-makers / The integration of all that I am / The value of self-interest / The corrupting interest in self / Self-referral and tactics to negate it / Dropping attitudes / Recognising real value. (32 mins)

Breathing chi into the Three Burners / The pulse of life / Descent into inner space. (58 mins)

The distinction of quality / The psychic in the physical / The reality of love / The history of love / Sexuality and passion / Dealing with tension. (32 mins)
The primary conscious connection / The formula for being (what I am) / The gravitational field / Change / The three cosmic formations / The breath of life / The experience of spaciousness. (55 mins)

Day Four

Wind energy / Main themes summarised / Cosmic formations / The production of knowledge / The highest values we know / The production of consciousness / The way to love and justice / Standing against the tide / Asserting values / Checking attitudes / Curbing self-reflection / Doing what we do for the love of it. (45 mins)

The purpose of relationships / Impossible loves / The quality and value of real love / The love of life / To love enough. (29 mins)

Questions about difficulties in relationship / Making space for individuality / Being alone together / Couple discussions / Conscious partnership / Critical times for love / How love changes us / Gratitude and acknowledgement / Concluding statement. (39 mins)

Bonus Episodes: Finding Your Purpose

Bonus Episodes
Finding Your Purpose

Ten bonus episodes are included in your subscription. You’ll receive these after six weeks from getting the last episode of ‘Time for Change’. You have time to complete the course before moving on. If you maintain your subscription the bonus episodes will be delivered to you weekly (instead of every two weeks) for ten weeks. ‘Finding Your Purpose’ was recorded during two talks in Finland in July 2019.

Living a more conscious life means knowing our purpose at any time. If we get anxious or distressed, we’ve lost our purpose. How do we regain it? And how do we stop being subconsciously drawn back into the anxiety? In a time of great change, with our civilisation under threat, are we willing to fundamentally change ourselves?

‘The two keys to living a more conscious life are first to know our purpose and secondly to recognise when there’s been a change in the situation or ourselves.’

Finding Your Purpose

The absurd / The principle of disruption / A big change coming / The intelligence of purpose / The immediate purpose / Our neurotic civilisation. (37 mins)

The habit of complication / The intelligent tree / Love’s fulfilment / The space of intelligence / Brewing the new / Devotion to the greater. (18 mins)
Anxiety and stress / Loss of purpose / The truth of the immediate situation / What has changed? / Familiarity and the family business / Change and your values / Conscious living is living with change / The rate and speed of change / What is your purpose now? (28 mins)
The presence of space / Purpose is not a goal / The purpose of being is constant / Purpose is present now / Your contribution to life / Problems are opportunities / Love and the knowledge of purpose. (23 mins)

How can we live more simply? / Psychological life requires complication / drop your ‘shoulds’ / Be guided / The need of the moment / Why do I change? / Sensitivities / Strengthening purpose / Do the obvious / Purpose is neither good nor bad / What is freedom? / Pressure in existence / Tension and stress / Beauty and violence / Challenging situations / Intelligence in space / God and the holy spirit / The conscious connection with what is. (43 mins)

Solar fire / Evolution of consciousness / Global warming / The end of more / What’s the purpose of intelligence? / How we become purposeful / The purpose of relationships / How love is lost. (26 mins)
Space, chi & matter / The use of chigung / The energy of creation / The principle in heat / Removing ‘psycho’ from ‘logical’ / Knowing what you know / The guiding intelligence / What realisation is / The connection between immediate purpose and truth / Parenting and purpose / The sparkle of intelligence. (35 mins)
The remedy for the pain of a psychological life / Stop thinking about yourself / How anxiety starts / What is a thought? / The escape into cleverness / No thought / The realisation of space / The creative thought. (33 mins)
The energy of a thought / Tension and stress / Acting on tension / Emotional pain / Freeing yourself of psychophysical insecurity / Seeing what’s new / Love and purpose. (15 mins)
Expressing feelings / The function of emotion / The drama of life / Catching the moment of change / Why emotionality is exhausting / The basis of all emotion / The purpose of being a couple / The pulse of love / In the space of love / The love of purpose. (53 mins)

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