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Since participating in the Course in Conscious Living and attending chi gung classes with Clive I have noticed a fundamental change in me. It can be imperceptible at times but I know it is there. It shows itself in me having more clarity. I am less inclined to be drawn into problematic situations. There is a sense of lightness and easiness. I have less judgement of myself and am less affected by the opinions of others. I am more inclined to take responsibility for my life. I am so grateful.” – Margaret

Clive’s work has helped me so much, in so many ways. Most importantly his work has helped me to connect with what is of real and lasting value in my life – and what has real purpose. The energy and consciousness in Clive’s work is something that I can always trust in my deepest being.” – Ismo

Amid the rush of everyday life, Clive Tempest’s courses have been really nourishing and a big help. I warmly recommend them for anyone who craves clarity, space and detachment from the rat race. Clive’s consciousness work and chi exercises are calming, boost my energy, and help to clear my ‘internal weather’. I love to listen how he talks about the bigger picture.” – Katri

Just very fortunate to have found such a great Chi Gung teacher. Not only does Clive Tempest have great depth of knowledge and practical experience, his style of teaching is very enabling for his students.” – Suzanne

Clive has helped me to find a way to the inner connection with myself. There I can be calm and see the situation as it is without disturbance. Life is sometimes complicated but I can always go back to the calm place, for example by doing chi gung. The practice is a fascinating and endlessly changing lifelong journey. Clive’s way to be present and teach is very special, I haven’t experienced that with anyone else. The retreats and courses are intensive and very well organised.” – Minna

He has the gift of being able to say what he has to say in clear and powerful terms. In a previous era, Clive would have been recognised as a Gnostic Master. That’s because his knowledge comes directly and immediately from the deep source of the knowledge of all things. That might sound incredible or far-fetched – but it’s true in my experience of having heard him speak for more than 10 years. Clive isn’t ‘just another teacher’ – but someone with a unique and original insight into the truth of these times.” – Gavin

Themes of life, death and love. Qigong practices and other awareness practices . The biggest possible picture yet practical and down-to-earth.” – Simo

Working with Clive and listening to his talks has made a remarkable impact on me. His presence is powerful and transforming. I always get from him an energy spark that helps me to live a more simple and meaningful life. I hope more people will find his work and benefit from this unique approach to working with consciousness.” – Suvi
The practices are intelligent and creative, simple yet profound. Each individual can link their own unique creative intelligence and life experience to the bigger picture of evolving consciousness. Test it out and see for yourself. Worth it, I say.” – Lauri

I joined Clive’s chigung group with a beginner’s course in 2016. We learnt the set sequences of movements of Shibashi and Clive talked us through some of the theory behind the practice. I find the exercise particularly satisfying. At first it can be surprisingly tiring despite the small and slow movements involved, but I am much fitter for it and (a particular issue for me) my knees are stronger. I have continued to enjoy Clive’s teaching of more movements and sequences, the open-air free sessions during summer months, and my home practice. There have been several short courses and a wonderful retreat at a country house in Wales, notable for Clive’s wisdom during activity sessions and talks, but also for fellowship with others from around the world. With Clive chigung all makes sense and gives one a sense of achievement, wisdom and calm. It is wonderful to perceive chi and I cannot imagine a better teacher to guide us on a safe and worthwhile path. By the way, his courses are well organised and very good value for money!” – John

For over ten years, I have started my day with a session of chigung as taught by Clive. The exercises have a way of grounding me, which is beneficial especially after a restless night. Chigung and Clive’s talks have furthermore aided in allowing me to continue and enjoy a demanding career in teaching. I would highly recommend his work for the increasingly changing times ahead.” – Steven

When you find a good teacher, one feels privileged. Clive has introduced me to several taiji and qigong forms (during twelve years of his guidance). Every time, after every course, he has managed to bring something new to the understanding of what this life is all about.” – Anneli

Clive has an expert understanding of chigung and meditation. He is able to communicate deep knowledge in simple but powerful, approachable ways. The practices have greatly enhanced my wellbeing. I find I am much more relaxed and energised. I also highly recommend Clive’s work in Conscious Living. In these very challenging and confusing times, he speaks in a timely way about how to navigate to a life of purpose. You should hear what he has to say – if you know it’s time for a big change.” – Tim