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Time for Change

‘Time for Change’ is compiled from recordings of a weekend workshop and two residential retreats with Clive Tempest. You will join these events and participate by listening and practising certain exercises.

Change comes with new energy, new perception and a changed situation. You’ll do some simple chigung exercises to get the energy to embody a new way of being. You’ll hear about the bigger picture of life and how and why consciousness is evolving. You’ll learn what you can do to bring about a much needed change in the human condition.  As you go on with the programme you’ll notice a change in your situation – because there’ll be a change in you.

There are 50 episodes recorded over 12 days.  Each episode is between 15 and 65 minutes in length. You start with the episodes recorded on Day One. The other days’ episodes are delivered to you every two weeks over a period of six months. The programme is designed so that you can easily fit the episodes into your daily life. The way to get the most benefit is to listen often and regularly.

This is a subscription service. You pay £12 a month. You can cancel it at any time.

Part One: No Going Back

Part One
No Going Back

It’s time to make a radical change. Don’t listen to this if you are content with your familiar life. But if you know something’s got to change, then this programme is for you. Start by recognising there’s no going back to the past.

Part Two: The Coming of the New

Part Two
The Coming of the New

We have to prepare for changes that are coming. They will impact the planet and the way we all live. We have to make ourselves capable of adapting to the new. Many changes will be outside our control. There’s one thing we can all do – if we’re ready.  And that is to find a new way of being.

Part Three: The Value of Life

Part Three
The Value of Life

To bring about a change in ourselves we must discover what it is to be a true individual. This means questioning the values of the world we live in. It means finding new purpose and giving more value to what is most real for us – love and wellbeing.

The Programme

Recorded at three live events – a weekend workshop and two residential retreats – twelve days in all. There are fifty episodes of talks, meditations and practical exercises, delivered to you in instalments every two weeks for six months. You can sign up for the streaming service at any time and cancel when you like.
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“Since participating in Clive’s Course in Conscious Living, and attending his chi gung classes, I have noticed a fundamental change in me. It can be imperceptible at times but I know it is there .  .  .”
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